10/14/2014 9:56:58 PM

Ever wonder what happens to your money that you paid into your insurance company by the end of the year?  What happens to it if you haven’t used it? Does it roll over into your next year???  We assume it should right because we paid into it.  Well that is NOT the case.  Every year by December or when it’s too late by January, countless patients realize that the insurance dollars that they plan on using for their needed dental work runs out at its annual date (often December 31st). That’s when panic mode kicks in and everyone calls the office at the end of the year.  Unfortunately many patients end up not being able to be seen on such a short notice and lose out paid dollars that could have helped improve their oral condition.

Now we are not saying that every dollar in your insurance plan should be used up.  After all you are paying for “insurance” meaning “in case I need it.”  That being said, reflect on your last few dental visits.  Did your Dr. Deheshi or any of his lovely staff to remind you of any of the following?

  • That cavity that is growing every check-up and should be fixed.
  • That tooth that is weak and can break anytime.
  • Extra hygiene visit to improve those specific areas that are losing healthy tissues (gum/bone).
  • That root canalled tooth that has been advised visit after visit that it needs a crown
  • The night guard that could help save your teeth from the damages of grinding/clenching.
  • Those wisdom teeth that need to come out before you are too old for the procedure to be predictive. And the list can go on.

As Dr. Deheshi always educates us, teeth and our mouth are in a constant state of degeneration.  Unfortunately dental and oral care is inevitable. What we do, how we treat our mouth combined with the advice that our dental team provides us can help reduce this degeneration and avoid unforeseen dental emergencies.  We at Norburn Dental propose treatments in the following categories:

  1. Urgent – these include disease and conditions that must be treated to avoid further issues such as infection, dental pain or tooth loss (cavities, periodontal disease, broken/chipped teeth)
  2. For Improvement – these include treatment that will strengthen and improve your teeth and bite to avoid a future dental emergency such as crowns, bridges and implants.

We understand that life gets busy and in today’s economy it can very difficult to find the time to fit your dental work into your schedule and finances.  But don’t forget that astronomical costs to your dental emergencies and how these can be reduced by taking advantage of your third party dental insurance and following Dr. Deheshi advice to treat the tooth before a bigger problem arises.  So don’t leave your dental care until last minute.  If we can learn from the past, the chance of being able to schedule an appointment in the end of the year is very thin and can result in thousands of insurance dollars wasted!!!  Book your appointment of year end check-up now and take care of your needs this year.

9/24/2014 8:47:15 PM

Going to the dentist is not something we always look forward to. I mean it’s not like going for a manicure or pedicure!  Well we’re here to tell you that it can be just and rewarding and refreshing to have your routine dental visits with your hygienist, as it is to visit your local spa. Unfortunately dental hygiene, which is one of the first and most important steps of having healthy teeth, is being neglected in our society today. Why is it that oral hygiene takes a backbench to facial rejuvenations, manicures, and pedicures? Aren’t our teeth considered to be a big part of our appearance?

We all do this some point don’t we???  ………  “Think of the time when we get that phone call from our friendly dental office every 4-6 months, kindly reminding us that we are due for our next cleaning appointment. They even give us a few weeks notice to book but what is the first thing we do? … We say we’ll call back later to book.” Next thing we know, we are months overdue, at times even a year or more!

Having your mouth professionally cleaned every 4-6 months can make you feel great. Even more important …… it can save you $100’s if not $1000’s of dollars in the future that could be spent on cavities, root canals, crowns, and bridges.  All of which can be prevented or treated in a timely manner at your check ups to save you from the pain (literally and financially) of surprise dental emergencies. Staying on top of your cleanings means that you are maintaining the health of your teeth, your gums, and your overall well being. We see numerous studies and experiments finding an association of general health issues with periodontal disease (a silent and often undiagnosed condition that affects our bone and gums). Your regular checkups and dental cleanings should be scheduled just the same way your hair appointments are scheduled, just the same way your manicure and pedicure appointments are scheduled because your teeth are an important part of your appearance and deserve to be taken care of.

Health comes before beauty and in this case our teeth are a part of both categories. We at Norburn Dental Centre strive to create that optimal environment to help you be motivated to attend your regular cleanings. We hope that our fun, friendly and very professional environment is the place that you choose to keep your smile healthy and bright!


N. N. – A motivated team member at Norburn Dental

9/2/2014 9:43:35 PM

Our practice, Norburn Dental Centre, has had tremendous growth in the last year and one of the main reasons for this growth is our patients. By having a great Dentist and Dental team, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere, and always being up to date with our equipment we have been able to open the doors of a dental office that suits the needs of our community. We want to say, Thank you.

Organization and success stems from good leadership. We believe that our leader Dr. Danial Deheshi sets the perfect example of the previous statement. Dr. Deheshi has been practicing in Burnaby for over 7 years. His calm and friendly approach has helped many of our patients to overcome their dental fears. Dr. Deheshi believes that a true leader is one who is a good listener. He has set these standards by listening to his patients and his staff and has established our practice to function as one cohesive unit. Dr. Deheshi’s main objective is keeping the wellbeing and a patient’s limitations in mind to create an individualized plan that keeps his patients motivated to improve and maintain their oral health

Norburn Dental Centre has been serving North Burnaby for over 20 years. Unfortunately, the office had lost connection with patients over recent years and had fallen behind what contemporary dentistry is considered today. Dr. Deheshi was able to see the great potential in the Norburn Dental and chose to revive it once again to serve Burnaby and near-by communities. He took over the practice in February of 2013 and it is obvious to say that our practice has truly evolved since then. Norburn Dental was transformed into a digital and modern office to better care for our patients.

We are now able to provide better record keeping and improve communication tools with our patients. The focus of our team is to exemplify excellence, comfort, and make patients feel invited in a modern and contemporary setting. This is all facilitated with digital imaging and photos to better explain to patients what our findings are. Educating our patients is the first step we take to improve their oral health. In Norburn Dental Centre, our patients are our partners and friends, and their satisfaction is what keeps us doing what we do best.

We continue to work together as a team in keeping our standards high to ensure that our patient’s always leave our office with a smile.  As we like to say at Norburn Dental “We motivate Smiles as Smiles motivate us”.  We want to thank all of our patients and our community for their unconditional love, support, and most importantly for trusting us in looking after their oral health. We look forward in growing with our patients and their children for decades to come.

Nargis and the Norburn Dental Team

8/15/2014 10:30:18 AM

Summer 2014 at Norburn Dental Centre has been a very memorable one. Once again this year we participated in the fun filled Burnaby event called “Hats off Day”. This event takes place on Hastings St. every year, the entire street gets blocked and the community gets together to celebrate and have fun.

The Norburn Team had a lot to offer at the event. Not only did we have a photo booth set up outside of the office but Dr. Deheshi also offered Free 5 minute Consultations to the community. This was a perfect opportunity for everyone who had dental concerns to come in and simply put their concerns on the table without having to worry about their finances. As health care providers, this was extremely rewarding for us. Dr. Deheshi has a calm, fun, and relaxing way of making his patients feel comfortable around him, even the ones with dental phobia, so this was a great way of the community having a chance to have a one on one meet and greet with him and the team. The 5 minute consultation also included Invisalign (clear braces). This was especially helpful to those who simply wanted to know if they qualify for Invisalign. While the photo booth had its own lineup of eager adults and kids wanting to take a fun picture, the inside of our office was filled with patients wanting to be seen for their dental free consultation. It’s safe to say that everyone had lots of fun!

Hats off Day was the highlight of our summer! Through this event we have come to know our neighbors and the entire community. We look forward to next year’s Hats off Day and stay tuned to see what Norburn Dental Centre has to offer for next year!

3/17/2014 5:48:21 PM

The old adage goes……its not so “wise” to keep your “wisdom” teeth.  We at Norburn Dental do not believe this to be true.  Though a select number of wisdom teeth need to be extracted, some to erupt in a normal fashion.  Proper assessments and hygiene of a third molar and keep it in a healthy condition for many years to come.

A good portion of the population have favorable eruption and location of their “wisdom teeth”.  With proper eduction and attention to hygiene, the third molar can be kept as an advantage in function.  It is a lot easier to build plaque on wisdom teeth due to their location.  Therefore, don’t forget your regular visits to your dental team to ensure healthy their molar condition.

There is however, another portion of the population that may benefit from the extraction of their third molar.  Due to the size of our mandible (lower jaw) wisdom teeth in occasions grow in ways that can cause harm.

Some Reasons for a need for extractions include:

  • Deep, un-restoarable “cavity”
  • Unfavourable impaction
  • Damage caused to next tooth
  • Recurrent tissue infections
  • Cysts and pathology

It can be a bit “scary” thinking about tooth extractions.  Rest assured we at Norburn Dental have a  qualified doctor and staff that can keep your health and safety in top priority.  As a Registered sedation provider, Dr. Deheshi can provide you with a wide range of relaxation procedures including oral and IV sedation to help you get through your treatment comfortably.    Call to book your consult with Dr. Deheshi if you require our input in the health of your wisdom teeth.

3/13/2014 5:45:02 PM

March 6-8, 2014 was another consecutive year that Vancouver has hosted the Pacific Dental Conference.  The PDC has been an integral part of uniting and educating the dental community.  Hailed as one of the largest gathering of dental professionals in Canada Dr. Deheshi has always attended the event as an integral part of his continued dental education.
This year Dr. Deheshi is proud to be at the PDC with his team at Norburn Dental Centre.  By attending courses and being updated on the most advanced research in the real of medicine, the Norburn Dental Team find this event very refreshing and progressive in their overall treatment approach.
Many familiar faces were seen at the conferences as well and many new colleagues and friends made this year.  The Pacific Dental Conference and the Canadian Dental Organization with the help of the the BC Dental Organization this year presented the importance of oral hygiene and dental reconstructions in the overall care our patients.
Many advances in aesthetic crowns and implants are now permitting us to improve the oral condition of the patient while maintaining the “natural look” of a patient’s teeth in mind.  Improvements in porcelain and bonding combined with digital impressions have further raised the ceiling of functional and aesthetic limitations.
Dr. Deheshi was able to advance his qualifications in Invisalign (clear orthodontics) therapy. We are able to increase our acceptance cases and provide our patients with orthodontic treatment without the “traditional look.”  Take the time to set up a consult if you have any questions or desires to improve your smile and oral health.

2/6/2014 12:44:58 AM

 It’s the worst dental experience to have

Actually a root canal treatment is most often pain free and quite the relaxing treatment.  Due to the nature of the treatment, there is not a lot of noise or vibrations which is often associated with fillings.

It really hurts.

False.  When a root canal treatment is timed correctly and at times combined with medication such as anti-inflammatories, root canals are painless.  Often they relieve your pain.

My tooth is weakened

Although there is some truth to this, the consequence of not treatment is often ultimately tooth loss.  If a root canal is treated with the right restoration (often a crown) one expects to dramatically prolong the life of a tooth.

I will lose the roots of my tooth.

False.  Root canal treatment (endodontic therapy) is performed in order to clean the inner most part of the tooth (the pulp chamber and nerve canals) in order to stop and prevent future dental infections don’t need a crown, once.

I don’t need to place a crown (cap) on my root canalled tooth.

False.  Often the most definitive treatment of the tooth is prosthodontic reconstruction of the tooth by a crown or bridge.  At rare instances this may not be the case.  Your dentist will also advise what the best restoration for the longevity of your tooth is.