Cleanings & Prevention

Cleanings and Prevention

In common terms we call it a “cleaning" or maybe a "check up".  But there is so much more that is involved in each visit and there are endless reasons why you would never over look your routine hygiene appointments.  Oral cancer screening,  decay detection, enamel conditioning, removal of inflammation, periodontal assessment and the list goes on.  Our team is trained and committed to emphasize a vast amount of your oral health markers to keep you on the track of having a healthy smile.
Dr. Deheshi and his Norburn team strongly believe that routine hygiene and check up appointments are the foundation to good oral health.  We focus our entire treatment approach with hygiene as its core.  We encourage at home care and will instruct and remind you at each visit.  We will answer any question you may have to help you be more comfortable with your home care.  Teeth, gums and bone are prone to advanced disease and loss if routine care is forgotten for a lengthy period of time.
Dr. Deheshi and his Hygiene team individualize your cleaning schedule for you to meet all of your needs.  We will assess your existing condition and propose a simple protocol to help attain and maintain excellent oral health.  The process begins with a thorough examination that pays attention to your individual necessities.  After your initial thorough cleaning and assessment we will design a hygiene schedule for your.  
We are committed to keeping your appointments simple, easy and pain free. Yet we will not compromise attention to detail to ensure all areas of concern are addressed.  Take the time to speak to your hygienist, Christine, or our dentist Dr. Deheshi incase you have any specific concerns or questions.  We will make all efforts to answer them in a way that will make sense and motivate you to take great care of that SMILE!

“We motivate Smiles, as Smiles motivate Us" 

Prevention helps avoid serious and costly dental problems and is the key to having a healthy, confident, beautiful smile.

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