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16/6/13  5    5    5    5     I am someone so afraid of being in the dental chair. I was informed that I needed a root canal. Well so glad to report that I had an amazing experience today. I was so reassured by Dr. Deheshi during the whole procedure. This is a dentist that knows what he is doing and cares!!.I would like to thank him and the whole staff for a wonderful appointment that has changed my fear of the dental chair.

14/6/13  5    5    5    5     After a few bad experiences with my previous dentists, I had not been to a dentist in over 5 years, then I went to see Dr. Deheshi and my whole outlook on dentists changed. He made me feel very comfortable and relaxed in the dental chair, and even did some oral sedation for some procedures which I found very helpful. The staff is great as well as his new practice. I have refered my family and friends to see him as well so they will get great dental care too.   Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield

2/5/13    5    5    5    5     I was so lucky to find Dr. Deheshi. He and his staff are very knowledable and make you feel comfortable at every visit. Prior to Dr. Deheshi, I had not seen a dentist on a regular basis for years. Now I do not miss a check up or cleaning. I know that I can trust the direction of Dr. Deheshi as he always has my best interest in mind. I have recommended Dr. Deheshi to many friends and family members. He is very professional and always ensures that the client understands the procedures that are being completed.
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield

1/26/13    5    5    5    5     i found dr deheshi very good he was very professional he caused me no pain i hated dentist befor i found dr deheshi he put a hole new outlook on dentist for me he was quick and good iam a very happy patient and proud to smile again!hes work is perfect i would reccomend him to anyone!and his CDA Tammy was so helpful and informative!
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
Paid/Co-pay: $400

1/11/13    5    5    5    5     I met Dr Deheshi in 2012 and I found him to be a young, energetic, patient and very knowledgable. His equipment is state of the art. I wanted to know how to get my front six teeth white and bright again because using the whitening trays and having the hygienists cleaning was not making a difference. He gave me two choices- crown them all (VERY VERY expensive) or put veneers on the front of all these teeth. I was pleasantly surprised by the quote which was far less than I expected. Carene MORTON Vancouver    

11/10/12    5    5    5    5     i had not gone to a dentist in years because everytime i would go in for a check up, i would leave with more issues that needed to be dealt with. I finally caved in 2010 and went to see Dr. Deheshi. His staff has always been so helpful and nice. Ive appreciated the appointment reminders and the friendly customer service. As for Dr. Deheshi, He knows what he is doing for sure. Any issues i have had has been fixed and have never resulted in me going back for more work regarding it. He has a keen eye to see potential problems and his recommended course of action has reduced/eliminated it. Overall i would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for a dentist who puts your interests/needs first and does not recommend products you might not need.

8/25/12    5    5    5    5     He is the best dentist I have ever had. I just found out he is no longer at Madison center. If anyone knows where where he is, make a post!    

12/21/11    5    5    5    5     Nothing bad to say! Would recommend this office to anyone. Have never had pain after needles or fillings. Great dentist! Would highly recommend.    


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