We take pride in our children’s program.

Dr. Davé really enjoys treating kids at his practice. He has heard the same story again and again that grown adults are scared of going to the dentist because they were traumatized when they were younger during their dental visits. This fear and anxiety lead to avoiding dental care as adults, leading to more dental problems. 

Dr. Davé has made it his mission to make sure all children treated at Norburn Dental Centre have an awesome experience and that kids look forward to their next appointments.

Your Child's First Dental Visit

Dr. Davé recommends bringing your little one to Norburn Dental Centre as early as their first birthday. 

This appointment is usually for:

  1. To get the child familiar with a dental environment, sitting on the dental chair.
  2. To assess for any developmental issues with teeth, tongue, etc
  3. To assess the sequence of baby teeth eruption.
  4. Discuss how cavities occur and the role of sugar, nighttime bottle feeding etc.
  5. How to brush, when to brush, what toothpaste, fluoride or not and all questions that the parents might have

Every child is different and the same child will act differently at different dental appointments. Dr. Davé takes time to let the child get familiar with the environment.

Dental Visits For Older Children

For older kids, regular appointments will include:

  1. Proper exam to assess for caries, the proper eruption of baby and permanent teeth, crowding, spacing and if there will be a need for braces in future.
  2. Polishing the teeth and discussing with kids about how to brush, which areas to focus on, how often to brush, introducing flossing.
  3. Discussing with parents how to tackle the demands for candies, when is a good time to give treats, etc. 
  4. Applying fluoride paint on teeth to make them stronger and more resistant to cavities.
  5. Advising any further treatment as needed.

Dr. Davé has successfully treated kids as young as 28 months for fillings and more.

Snacks for Cavity-Free Teeth

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