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Learn about Gum Grafting Alternatives: The Benefits of the Pinhole Surgery Technique 

gum graft alternatives woman smiling image from Norburn dental centreAre you one of the many Canadians with receding gums? Whether it’s because of age, genetics, poor oral hygiene, or gum disease, this common condition can affect your smile and cause you pain.  In days of yore, gum grafting used to be the go-to treatment option. But today, a ground-breaking technique— Pinhole® Surgical Technique (PST™)—offers up another effective gum graft alternatives solution to correct gum recession. Read on to learn all the benefits of this amazing procedure.

The pinhole surgical technique is Minimally Invasive 

In comparison to traditional procedures, pinhole surgery is significantly less invasive. Gum grafting requires the removal of tissue in the mouth to treat the recession areas. With pinhole surgery, grafting, incisions, or sutures are not required. The procedure involves making a very small hole in the gums to loosen the existing tissue and stretch it over the teeth.

This gum graft surgery is Virtually No Pain 

One of the big benefits of going with pinhole surgery is the reduced pain factor. At Norburn Dental, we understand that the fear of pain and discomfort can keep many people away from gum recession treatment. That is why we offer pinhole surgery. Believe it or not, patients have reported feeling little to no pain during and after pinhole surgery.

Gum graft alternatives with a Shorter Treatment Time

Gum grafting usually treats one area at a time, requiring the patients to return for several visits. Using pinhole surgery, on the other hand, our specialists can target multiple areas of recession in just one visit. If you are looking to cut back on your time in the dental chair, PST can make that happen.

Almost No Downtime  

Pinhole surgery is a great option that offers very quick healing times.  Because there are no incisions, swelling, pain, and bleeding are slashed to a minimum. Thanks to PST, you can return to your normal routine, even eating and drinking the same day of the procedure.

Same-Day Results

With pinhole surgery, the cosmetic improvement is virtually immediate. Our team can restore your gum line in a single visit, allowing you to walk away with a natural looking improvement in your appearance the moment you leave our office. Why wait longer than you need to for that winning smile? When you choose Norburn Dental, you won’t have to. Learn more details on pinhole gum surgery now!

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Looking for an effective alternative to traditional gum restoration surgery? The Pinhole Surgical Technique might be the gum restoring solution you have been searching for.  If you are experiencing gum recession and would like to learn more about pinhole surgery, contact Norburn Dental to schedule a dental consultation.

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