Restore a Deteriorated Jaw Line with Bone Grafting Treatment


Do You Have Sufficient Bone for Dental Implants?

Those who are seeking to replace missing teeth with dental implants must have sufficient bone volume in order to support the implant post and ensure success. Bone volume can be lost due to lack of stimulation from missing teeth, oral trauma or disease. If you have been found to lack sufficient bone volume to place dental implants, our team at Norburn Dental Centre can perform bone grafting treatments in order to restore your jaw structure and make implants an option for you.

Our Bone Grafting Procedures and Technologies

There are multiple treatment options for bone grafting that are used depending on your needs. Norburn Dental Centre utilizes advanced techniques and technologies to speed up the healing process and encourage healthy bone growth. Our team will be able to evaluate your needs and diagnose which treatments for bone grafting in Vancouver, BC, are best for your needs.

How bone grafting works


Fixed All-on-4 dental implants are most similar to natural teeth. They offer a natural and aesthetic look, while be permanently attached to your jaw. Only your dentist will be able to remove the teeth and you won’t have to worry about them falling out when you speak or eat. Your teeth will be screwed into the dental implants placed in your jaw and will not feel loose or slip.


After bone deterioration has occurred in an area of the jaw, there is often not enough volume to support a dental implant. With ridge augmentation bone grafting, we are able to rebuild the lost bone volume and create an even jaw line as well as help you qualify to have implants placed.


When teeth are missing in the upper molar area of the jaw, there is often minimal bone due to the sinus cavity residing above. We can restore bone to this area through a sinus lift bone grafting treatment, which allows us to access the sinus cavity, raise the membrane and place bone material underneath.


PIEZOSURGERY® offers a safer treatment when performing sinus lift bone grafting. PIEZOSURGERY uses ultrasonic vibrations to remove hard bone tissue while leaving soft tissues unharmed. This makes accessing the sinus cavity safer by minimizing the risk of damage to the sinus membrane.


By using PRGF we can speed up the healing and regenerative process using your body’s own stem cells derived from your blood. When placed during bone grafting, PRGF helps your body heal faster and more efficiently.


TR utilizes a biocompatible protective mesh to protect and hold the bone grafting material in place while it heals. This will prevent the gum tissue from interfering with the graft and help build a solid, even foundation of bone.

Prepare your jaw for dental implant placement.

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